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air show

2010-09-12 12:54:59 by reaper12300

i went to an air show yesterday and it was awsome


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2010-09-12 14:31:29

air show? you mean with lime planes and shit?


2010-09-12 18:56:21

I remeber when I went to an airshow since I was still in middle school. The thing I treasured the most in that time was when I ventured inside a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, Huge and massive looking from an external view yet internally it was small and cramped. Designs on this wonderful marvel was both a benefitual weapon and a death trap. (once you were thousands of feet up and getting shot at from various nazi forces you would either going to fight until it was torn apart or bail out from it) I really did admire just one of hundreds of military based craft and weapons that served its purpose from the days of past.